Sangha           Yoga
Saturday: 30th June
Time: 10 a 12.30h
Early Bird 25 euros bef 15th
        after 35 euros
Join us for:

* Devi Yoga: learn mantras, mudras, meditation, and movements (yoga and dance) for various Goddesses from around the world to form a personal practice
* Ceremony
* Women's wellness and self-care

Dr. Alexina Mehta has a thriving practice in  Vancouver, Canada with a focus on women's health, hormone imbalances, and mind-body awareness. She has taught thousands of yoga classes, led retreats internationally and has a focus on women's health.

What is the one thing she feels will make the greatest difference in the lives of women?
Women connecting to their true selves and living from that place. How do we connect? I believe the Divine Feminine icons, like the Goddesses, have keys that can help us understand who we can become.

Devi Yoga can show us how!

Godess Yoga Workshop
In her years of study in Shamanism, Yoga, Sacred Dance, Naturopathic Medicine, Energy Medicine, Ayurveda, Vedic Astrology, Transpersonal Psychology, Pilates and the Divine Feminine, she has learned that:

When women honor their essence, life becomes sweeter.
When they honor their hearts, life becomes more sacred.
When they honor their bodies, their health improves.
The result of all this: happiness.

The intention of this workshop is to inspire you deeply into greater health and happiness.

In this workshop you will experience:

* A style of yoga, which is divinely feminine, flowing, and fun
* Learning about major Goddesses from the Hindu, Tibetan, Egyptian traditions and how to awaken the qualities which emanate from them within you
*Mantras, mudras, movements (postures and dance), and meditations to connect to each Goddess
* Chakra balancing with Mother Nature's plant essences
* The connection between shamanism and yoga (a bridge between the sacred dimension and daily life)

Join us for a rich experience to awaken, embrace and empower your inner Divine Feminine!